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March 26, 2009 at 9:08pm


Exploring Tokyo Cabinet

Tokyo Cabinet is a database thing for storing key/values, written by Mikio Hirabayashi. It also has a network service thing, which is called Tyrant (“TT”).

Main entry point is the Toky Cabinet website

It includes a detailed description about it’s features.

It’s stable and fast, but not well known outside of Japan.

Here’s an introduction by Ilya Grigorik.

Here’s how to install Tokyo Cabinet (just the normal ./configure, make, sudo make install).

Tokyo Cabinet comes with a Ruby API (see TC website), but no gem. User careo wrapped it up in a gem on github.

rufus-tokyo provides rubyist friendly classes for accessing Tokyo Cabinet and Tokyo Tyrant structures.

Cloudkit, something i would like to play with, but did not find a usecase yet, also supports Tokyo Cabinet by using rufus-tokyo.